Why Stool Test

Why it's Important to get a DNA GI MAP Stool Analysis with Heathar


One of the most helpful things you can do for your health and well-being is to get your stool tested via a DNA GI MAP stool test. This the most accurate, comprehensive stool test that exists at this time today.

Most people with digestive issues don’t realize that they have an abundance of pathogens and co-infectons in their gut. This over accumulation of pathogens fuels inflammation, poor liver function, leaky gut and chronic gut conditions down the line. Engaging in a DNA GI MAP stool test will show us exactly what pathogens are in your gut so we can create an effective, integrative strategy that targets the effective removal of the pathogens. Most people who have gut issues try multiple different western and alternative approaches that fail to work long-term because they don’t target the removal of specific pathogens and they don’t provide a foundational route to healing the gut long-term. Heathar’s work combines her Sunlight Rx + specific pathogen removal via her Red Door Quantum healing practice to effectively heal even the most chronic gut conditions.

Many people underestimate the value in getting their stool tested and there are some really good reasons for this...

1. Many companies out there don't do a thorough job and stool analysis results often come back skewed and inaccurate. Total bummer (no pun intended).😆

2. Once many people get their stool test results, they have no idea what it means or what to do with the info. It can be a bit overwhelming to figure out what each of the bacteria levels mean, what they do and how to actually balance them using a combo of sunlight & Red Door quantum healing work as well as gut detoxing protocols - all of which are necessary for re-establishing stellar gut health and overall health as well!!!!

Once you've completed your stool analysis with Heathar, now it's time to get down and dirty - those results are like gold and will help her formulate a roadmap for you to begin healing your gut, liver, inflammation levels and other aspects of your well-being that need addressing.

Your individualized treatment plan will include Heathar’s Sunlight Rx, hydrotherapy, a gut detox diet and often supplement & herbal guidelines designed to help you rectify disharmonies and imbalances in your gut and body.