A Story about C.diff & Gut Healing via Diet + Sunlight…

A friend told me about Heather last September. I arranged a consultation with her in October and based on her feedback, I decided to have a stool test to see what was happening in my gut.

A little history of my issues will clarify my need for Heathar’s guidance. I am 63 years old and have had gut problems for years. At age 34, I had a bowel obstruction and the Dr told me after minor surgery that I had IBS, which I had never heard of and gave me a book to read and told me to figure out my triggers and avoid those foods. I learned to keep it mostly under control. Fast forward 21 years and my colon quit working altogether and I ended up on meds twice a day. I weaned myself off the med altogether about 3 years later and did mostly fine. Then in July 2017 I had another serious flare up that I couldn’t turn around. I couldn’t really eat and I was getting some kind of virus or illness of some regularly.

Last October, Heathar called with my stool results and I was shocked! I had all kinds of bad stuff in my gut, the worst being C-diff. I was a mess. Heathar explained what was happening and what I needed to do diet wise. No doctor had ever told me how important a healthy gut is. She started me on a food plan to deal specifically with getting rid of the bad bacteria and increasing the numbers of the good bacteria. I started the new food plan in November.

I began to feel better by December and I was no longer sick all the time. Heathar was there whenever I needed clarity or questions answered. She enlightened me on how important it is to have a healthy gut as it is crucial for good health. No doctor had ever told me that! I was feeling so much better, I couldn’t believe it!

At the end of March, I had another stool test to see if there was any change. I was elated to learn that the C-diff was completely gone and overall there was such an improvement! This was huge! Heathar had done more to help me in 6 months than all the doctors I had seen had ever done.
Heathar changed my food plan according to the test results and I am feeling great!

What I wasn’t expecting was how much she had changed my understanding of health, the importance of sunlight, etc. I expected to learn about eating, but she has expanded my way of thinking completely! And I am still learning!

I am so grateful for Heathar’s help. I would never have found a resolution to my problems staying on the path I was on. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I felt 200% better! I would highly recommend Heathar as a guide through whatever illness you may be experiencing. She will totally change the way you view good health!

~P.B., Lakeview, AR

A Story about Sunlight & Improved Sleep, Impoved Hormone Health & Improved Energy Levels

I am increasingly concerned about xenoestrogens and nn-blue light and nn-emfs that we are swimming in and their effects on our health and wellbeing. I am amazed by following Heathar’s Sunlight Rx - - I feel more energy throughout the day and am more clear minded and able to concentrate. I’m sleeping more soundly and waking feeling well rested and need less sleep than you’d think for a working mom with breast cancer! In fact my body is craving sunlight like it craves a walk in the forest! I truly am astounded after spending thousands of dollars and years searching for healing! WOW! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and teachings with us that we all are able to receive and integrate! What a godsend you have been. I really appreciate your influence in my life and am excited about learning more from you! ~JR, BC, Canada