Here's what folks have to say about Heathar's work…

I won't even pretend to understand radionics. What I can tell you is that it works!!!!
I got sepsis after dental cavitation surgery. 9 days in the hospital and 89 rounds of IV antibiotics later, my gut was a wreck. For 3 months I've spent a lot of my time running to the bathroom. Heathar did radionics on me. 2 days later - abdominal cramps that took my breath away, 6-8 bowel events /day, nausea that bolted me out of the bed in the middle of the night - all gone!!!!
I don't know HOW it works. I know it DOES work!!!!
I'm grateful!!

~L.H.C., Georgia


I came to Heathar with stage IV colon cancer with liver METs. Exactly three after starting our work together my doctor did a CT scan to check my colon (that I did radiation treatments for), only to find that the tumor on my liver had shrunk as well. After only three weeks. I've been following the personalized protocols that Heathar developed for me since mid-January. Nutrition recommendations, detox protocols, supplements, radionics, even emotional support. Her toolkit is awesome in its scope and power. And she makes herself very available. She also has been willing to work with my limited budget. Things are tight for me financially, but this is my LIFE in the balance, and my third time around with this beast, so I found a way to budget for it. If not now, when??!!!

I feel like I'm finally on top of it for the first time, thanks to Heathar. I'm not waiting for a doctor to "cure" me. I am using what Heathar taught me to truly heal myself. Together we are remaking my body into a healthy environment that discourages cancer instead of inviting it. (I thought I knew what I was doing before but I was woefully misinformed.) As always, there are no guarantees, but I plan to be around another 20 years, and it will be Heathar who gave me those years. Be open. Trust. Give yourself this gift. If you are investigating new paradigms in self care to heal your cancer, I cannot recommend her services highly enough. 

~N.C., Oregon

Heathar's radionics work was a perfect way to help restore my body after it experienced traumatic events. Heathar was gentle, supportive, available, accurate, non-judging, understanding and the radionics worked! 

I had very high shock numbers, my adrenals were off and I had trauma and fight-or-flight stuck in my body preventing me from moving forward with my healing - it was largely impacting my life. I didn't like to leave the house much and I couldn't handle large amounts of stimulus or activities.  

Heathar's work brought my shock numbers down and restored balance throughout my entire body.  When working with shock and trauma the body memories of the event can sometimes be triggered - Heathar was always available to help if this happened to me. 

I highly recommend Heathar and the radionics work for helping with shock, trauma, fight-or-flight and adrenal balancing.  Thank you, Heathar!

~J.P., Michigan