Digestive Restoration Retreats


Looking for some digestive intensive healing? Joining Heathar and her healing team for an individual or group Digestive Restoration Retreat is a potent way to reset your digestion and circadian biology. Heathar hosts Digestive restoration retreats in Mexico - the perfect place to utilize equatorial sun, the key to resetting your circadian biology and gut health.

These intensive retreats are designed to help those with stubborn gut conditions make forward movement with their digestive health that they may have been struggling with for years. The western world has zero supportive answers for chronic gut issues, but, Heathar does. Heathar has found that when you know what is in your gut - determined by a DNA GI MAP Stool Test - that rectifying the most stubborn and so called “incurable” gut conditions such as leaky gut, colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, candida overgrowth, C.diff, E.coli and other uncomfortable conditions - is not a difficult task. During your Digestive Restoration Retreat, Heathar and her healing team will help you make forward movement with your gut health in as little as 28 days.


What Does a Digestive Restoration Retreat Include

Stool Analysis + Health History Intake


Before you join Heathar and the AD team for your retreat, you will have a private consultation with Heathar. This meeting will help Heathar learn about your entire digestive and entire health history. After your consultation, Heathar will send you a stool kit to submit your stool sample to the USA lab before arriving at the retreat (you can send to our USA lab even if you reside in a country outside the USA). Heathar combines the information obtained from your stool test and health history intake to formulate a light therapy, digestive diet, hydrotherapy, Red Door healing and lifestyle plan to help you heal your gut. Heathar will teach you how to implement these key healing elements into your life during your retreat.

Red Door Healing Work

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Once on your retreat, you will meet with Heathar 1-on-1 to discuss in detail your stool test results and healing plan. Heathar will also start her Red Door quantum healing work on you once you arrive. This is the key modality Heathar utilizes to remove and clear gut pathogens that tested positive on your DNA Stool test. This is the most effective and efficient way Heathar has found to rapidly remove gut pathogens from the body. You will leave the retreat with far less gut pathogens - and many often leave pathogen-free (depending on the number of pathogens present upon arrival) than when you first arrived.

Sunlight Rx


Every morning Heathar will lead you in the Sunshine Rx. THE SUNSHINE RX IS YOUR KEY TO REBUILDING YOUR GUT HEALTH! Participating in the Sunlight Rx every AM will be a huge piece of your gut healing repair process. Once you learn the Sunshine Rx, you will be able to implement this key healing modality into your everyday self-care healing routine to continuously support your gut health, mitochondrial health and total body healing process.

Digestive + Detox Diet


At your Digestive Restoration Retreat, you will learn how to make homemade digestive healing foods that support your gut healing journey. Heathar & staff will lead you in how to purchase, prepare and store gut healing foods so you can continue to support your gut health once you leave the retreat. 

Part of your gut healing process includes 5-10 days of a digestive detox diet. This diet will support detoxification of the liver and gut to help facilitate the removal of pathogens and toxins from your gut and body. This protocol will also include gut supportive herbs that also gently assist in gut healing. Once you complete your digestive detox diet, you will move into a digestive restoration phase to help rectify leaky gut and to help support healthy bowel function.

The wonderful staff will also prepare digestive friendly meals for you each day consisting of local, organic produce, wild-caught seafood and/or grass-fed meats. Vegetarian options are available and are practiced during the digestive detox phase. Additionally, food sensitivities will be honored and respected. One of the knowledgeable and caring staff members will go over your dietary needs with you before you arrive at the retreat.

Hydrotherapy for Digestive Healing


Hydrotherapy will be a key element to your gut healing journey. Each individual will have hydrotherapy recommendations specific to their individual health and healing goals. Hydrotherapy sessions will be held daily to help support both your digestive health and mitochondrial health. Your hydrotherapy sessions will be a potent way to help rectify issues with pain, sleep, energy, IBS symptoms, leg cramps, restless leg and poor immune system function that can all accompany digestive distress.

Body Movement


During your Digestive Restoration Retreat you will also have the opportunity to engage in daily yoga, qi gong and/or weight bearing exercise to help support your healing process. Engaging in daily meditative movement activities is an effective way to support peristalsis activity - a main driver of sound digestive health and bowel regularity. The daily movement practices will also help you move out of stress and will help ground you into your body. These movement sessions will be lead by Heathar and/or other staff members.

Inner Work


During your retreat, you will also have an emotional and spiritual guide and teacher to help you process these deeper, often unseen aspects of pain, discomfort and disease. The gut is a primary place where we tend to hold our emotions, past traumas, hurts, pains, anxieties and even PTSD. To help these energies move on, you will have 6 spiritual-emotional sessions to help you let go of stored pains that are likely holding you back from making forward movement with your health and healing process. Emotional-spiritual sessions are lead by astrology wizard and emotional counsel expert, Jen Antill.

Environment: You cannot heal in the environment you got sick in


We are becoming more and more aware that our health, including our digestive health, is highly influenced by our environment. And, digestive disorders, like all mitochondrial diseases are rooted in poor epigenetic signaling which stems from living in an unnatural setting. 

Heathar is dedicated to providing your body with a sacred, clean and non-toxic environment to give your body the support it needs to achieve optimal health. In order to create this non-toxic environment for all, there won’t be any cell phone use during your retreat time (you can use the landline at certain time during your stay); there will be no WiFi availability on the retreat premises (the use of internet via ethernet cord will be available at certain times), there will be zero drug or alcohol use of any kind (only through the use of herbal tinctures or formulas prescribed for some of the herbal treatments); artificial light will not be permitted; there won’t be any sugar, processed or packaged foods, vegetable oils or conventional foods permitted or served at the retreat. 

Also, due to the severity of chemical sensitivities in many of the staff and participants, the retreat will be a 100% fragrance-free environment. The burning of native herbs and plants may occur during ceremony or cleansing treatments only when the patient is approving of these sacred elements and is free of sensitivity to scents. A fragrance-free environment also prohibits the use of ANY essential oils, perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, colognes, lotions or soaps. All soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners will be provided to you during your retreat. These products will be 100% natural, organic and fragrance-free. These requirements are to help your body fully detox pathogens and toxins during your retreat and is also required to help honor and maintain a safe space for those with chemical sensitivities.

How to Sign Up for a Retreat

If you would like to fill out a Digestive Restoration Retreat Interest Form to attend an upcoming Digestive Restoration Retreat, please complete the form here. Once you complete the form, Heathar will be in touch with you to schedule an interview.