Red Door Healing Work

The Red Door: A Quantum Healing Modality

Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies
— Albert Einstein

The Red Door: a modality based on energetics, frequencies and vibration

One of Heathar’s main alternative modalities that she utilizes to help facilitate healing in others is called the Red Door instrument. The Red Door is a quantum device that has been created based on sacred geometry - the sacred geometry and creation of the Red Door instrument has been carefully and effectively constructed to both test and broadcast healing frequencies to individuals at any distance via scalar wave quantum mechanics.

How Does the Red Door Instrument Work?

We are vibrational beings - each one of us is composed of a unique set of vibrational frequencies that make up our physical body. Just as we have a unique vibration and frequency that make up each one of us, each pathogen, toxin, each heavy metal, each bacteria, cancer - everything has its own unique vibration and frequency. The Red Door instrument works by determining which pathogenic frequencies you are harboring and then is able to dissolve those frequencies and vibrations so you can create a new, vibrant blue print coded in wellness, health and well-being.

Due to the diversity of scalar wave principles, Heathar’s Red Door practice is not bound by location allowing Heathar to work on individuals all over the world using her Red Door instrument. The Red Door instrument is used both as a testing and broadcasting/healing device. For the Red Door to accurately detect the individual being worked on, Heathar creates a witness package that contains your information. This includes a picture of yourself, a picture of your signature, a strand of your hair can be used as well as a picture of a body part you would like to focus on (this is not necessary but can be helpful in cases of a broken arm, a retinal detachment, a cyst or tumor, a knee or leg injury, a dog bite, etc.).

Once this information is in Heathar’s Red Door instrument, she is able to test and broadcast to you. These healing broadcasts work by clearing and removing the frequencies and vibrations of specific elements that you may have tested positive for such as: pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fungus, C.diff, H.pylori, or other harmful substances from the body in effective, non-harmful ways. One of the most valued aspects of the Red Door instrument is that it does not carry the unpleasant side effects that pharmaceutical drugs, invasive treatments and large amounts of supplements often entail.

What Does it Look like to Work with Heathar & Her Red Door Healing Practice?

For individuals interested in Heathar’s Red Door practice, she first completes full body testing on you to determine the vitality of each organ and body system. This testing process also involves testing for pathogens, heavy metals, toxins, radiation poisoning, nn-EMF toxicity, fungal, viral and parasite levels, the presence of cancer cells and inflammation levels - to name a few. Once Heathar has completed your Red Door testing, she creates an integrative plan that utilizes the Red Door instrument to dissolve disorders and pathogens - that you tested positive for - from your body.

Due to the large amount of toxins, poisons and pathogens most people harbor in their body and due to the degree of mitochondrial dysfunction most people are experiencing at this point in time - Heathar works with people in 1-4-month increments. She has found this to be the minimum amount of time needed to help people make significant forward movement with their healing process. Gut pathogens can typically be removed in 30 days.

How Does the Red Door Help Rectify Digestive Issues?

When it comes to healing the digestion and gut microbiome, Heathar utilizes her Sunlight Rx, hydrotherapy, DNA GI MAP stool testing, her leaky gut diet and the Red Door instrument to help remove pathogens, infections and biotoxins from the gut. And, to patch leaky gut and repair autoimminuty often present in many digestive disorders such as Crohn’s and Ulceratve Colitis. These gut imbalances are detected through Heathar’s Red Door testing as well as the DNA GI MAP stool analysis. These findings allow Heathar to create an integrative gut healing plan to help you heal and recover from even the most “incurable” digestive annd/or autoimmune conditions.

How to Start Red Door Healing Work

Heathar offers Red Door work for individuals seeking long-term shifts in their digestive and overall health. You can engage in Heathar’s 1-on-1 Red Door work during a Gut Healing Retreat or via her individual practice. Please contact Heathar to arrange a complimentary call to discuss her gut healing and Red Door work.

*The Red Door instrument is not a western medical diagnostic tool and is not a form of western medicine. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease and is used for experimental purposes only. Please read Legal Terms & Condtions located in the Footer of this website.