DNA Stool Testing


Getting Started with DNA Stool Testing

Engaging in the DNA GI MAP Stool Test with Heathar is the most important 1st step to gut healing. Once you know what’s in your gut, Heathar can help you remove the pathogens that often hold many people back from making forward movement with their gut healing process. The western medical field will prescribe antibiotics for your gut ailments; food gurus and functional medical practitioners will suggest diet and supplements. Heathar provides you with natural modalities that actually clear and remove gut pathogens - this is the key to improving your gut health!


Step 1: Contact Heathar to Purchase your Stool Kit

Once you’re ready to get started with your DNA GI MAP stool test, contact Heathar to order your kit and to go over all the specifics regarding her unique, individualized approach to stool testing and gut healing. Unlike other stool testing companies, Heathar takes a very personalized approach and works 1-on-1 with you for several months to help you make real, lasting changes and shifts with your digestion, health and life. Most companies simply email you a report of your stool analysis with some general suggestions however, Heathar has found this approach to be misleading and confusing to people and simply not helpful. Once your stool analysis results are in, Heathar will create an individualized sunlight, hydrotherapy, nutrition, gut rebuilding and wellness plan to help you bring your gut microbiome and health back into balance.


Step 2: Send your Stool Sample to the Lab

Once you have your stool kit, Heathar will send detailed instructions on how to collect and ship your stool sample to the lab. Once you have collected and shipped your specimen, the lab will perform a DNA analysis on your stool (no other company in the states does DNA analysis stool testing!!!) and will email Heathar your test results within 7-10 business days.

Step 3: Meet with Heathar (via phone or retreat) to Go Over your Stool Test Results

Once your results are in, Heathar will send a message your way to schedule a meeting to discuss your stool results. During this meeting, Heathar will reveal any imbalances detected via the stool test and how you can begin to rectify these imbalances. She utilizes light therapy, detox diet, hydrotherapy, herbal remedies and her Red Door practice to help guide your gut microbiome and body to come back into balance.


Step 4: Start your Individualized Gut Rebuilding Plan!

After your meeting with Heathar, she will get to work on creating your unique, individualized gut and wellness rebuilding plan. Heathar will send your new plan to you and once you have read it over, she will meet with you to discuss all of your questions! Here are just a few things that are included on your individual gut & wellness rebuilding plan: