Heathar is passionate about helping people heal the root of their health issues. Her passion for healing is rooted in her own unique healing journey. For years Heathar struggled with intense anxiety, poor digestion, erratic sleep patterns all of which occurred after a TBI (traumatic brain injury) she experienced at the age of 23. For years, Heathar tried numerous alternative modalities with little help and no lasting relief. That is...until she began to heal her circadian biology.

When Heathar began to utilize specific aspects of the solar spectrum into her daily self-care healing routine, she began to witness noticeable shifts in her energy levels, healing capabilities, exercise capabilities, her anxiety levels, brain health and unexpectedly, she witnessed big shifts in the health of her digestion as well. When Heathar began to learn about circadian biology and how ALL chronic conditions are fueled by circadian mismatch, she knew that focusing on this aspect of health would help herself and others make leaps and bounds with their healing capabilities.

Circadian mismatch occurs when your body is no longer able to determine night from day, season from season and even hour from hour. As Heathar began to learn how our circadian biology controls our mitochondrial health and our gut health, she established something called the Sunlight Rx to help people re-set their circadian biology and improve mitochondrial health. This is the very first place Heathar starts with each individual she works with and it is the foundational practice that she teaches others about (in extensive detail) during her healing retreats.

Heathar has found that combining the potent mitochondrial and gut healing effects of the Sunlight Rx along with DNA GI MAP Stool testing and her Red Door practice, that indivudlas with digestive disorders - often that western medicine has zero helpful answers for - begin to clear from the body, naturally. Heathar has been able to successfully clear and remove even the most stubborn and disturbing gut pathogens such as C.diff, Candida overgrowth, parasites, streptococcus, E.coli and H.pylori (to name a few) from the body by utilizing these alternative modalities.

Heathar brings a diverse and potent background to her healing practice. With a BA in nutrition & science, masters education in classical Chinese medicine, post-doctoral work in mitochondrial biology - Heathar offers a truly integrative approach to each individual she works with. Heathar has been practicing and studying alternative health and healing for going on 20 years. She is passionate about helping people heal through nature, sunlight, nutrition and hydrotherapy to help them reach far beyond their healing goals and expectations.