Healing Work


1-on-1 Healing Work with Heathar

Healing the digestion is a holistic process and is why Heathar's work involves addressing multiple organs, tissues and layers of the body that when out of balance all contribute to inadequate digestion and diminished overall health.

Whether you have a digestive disorder, constipation, IBS, allergies, an autoimmune disorder or cancer, healing the gut is paramount to rectifying these conditions. Until the gut is healed and you're absorbing and assimilating nutrients, nothing in the body can fully heal.

Heathar pours a great deal of time, attention and energy into the individuals she works with to help them fully understand their digestive diet, to teach them how to take the herbs and supplements they need to help their gut heal, to teach them how to prepare gut-friendly foods at home, to help individuals purchase the highest quality supplements and gut supportive products and to help them stay focused and motivated along their healing journey.

Heathar is currently accepting nutrition and radionics clients.If you are interested in working 1-on-1 with Heathar, please complete the form below and she will personally contact you soon after.

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