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Ancestral Digestion


The health of your gut and gut microbiome are most influenced by the light you are exposed to on a daily basis. If you have a digestive disorder and you are seeking guidance to help you make forward movement with your digestive healing process, there are 3 main things you must accomplish to achieve long-term gut health. Those are:

  1. Engage in the Sunlight Rx on a daily basis

  2. DNA GI MAP Stool Testing

  3. Red Door quantum healing to remove the pathogens detected on your DNA GI MAP Stool test

What most people don’t realize is that their gut issues stem from an abundance of pathogens and/or inflammation in the LIVER and the GUT. And, these imbalances can be traced back to over-exposure to artificial light and a deficiency in specific solar spectrum frequencies that support the health and healing of the entire digestive tract.

Western medicine offers poor treatment strategies via drugs with harmful side effects that require life-long dependency; alternative medicine recommends strict diets, unhelpful genetic tests, probiotics and herbal supplements all of which fail to address the root cause of digestive disorders. Heathar’s digestive healing practice steps outside both the conventional and alternative medical models to address gut health and healing from a unique yet profoundly effective perspective. She utilizes her Sunlight Rx protocol, DNA GI MAP stool testing and her Red Door quantum healing practice to help restore gut health in even the most chronic and stubborn cases.